Open by appointment only.

Rooted Connection does not ship plants.

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How do I pick up my plant if I've placed an order online?

Click here and select 'Driveway Pick-up. Due to COVID-19 the shop is not open to customers at the moment.   

Do you ship plants?

Rooted Connection does not ship plants.

What's the best to get in touch?

Email us at or message us on Facebook

When do you restock plants?

Rooted Connection heads plant shopping at least a few times a month. That being said, we restock at all different times. The best ways to stay in the loop are: 

  • Facebook or Instagram stories. We love sharing photos of new product! 
  • Our Facebook group 'Rooted Connection Chatter'. It's worth it to join because rarer plants are often sold only within the group.
  • If you see a plant on our website that's sold out, use the "Notify When Available" option. Enter your email or cell number and be notified when that item comes back in stock! 

My plants look different than the ones in the photos.

Yes, they sure do! Each and every plant is individual and no two look the same. The photo of the plant you see on the website is for reference, so rest assured that the houseplant you'll be receiving will look different.