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Collection: Calathea

General Care Tips for Calathea Plants

Light: These plants thrive in indirect or medium light. They will burn out if they get too much or are in direct light (their leaves will not be as colorful or bright). They will grow best in a slightly shaded room or spot without direct sun.

Water: these plants like to be watered when the top two inches of their soil dries out. They do not like over-watering, but under-watering or erratic watering schedules may result in brown tips on their leaves or dropped foliage (PRO TIP: sometimes these plants also prefer filtered water or water without chlorine).

Soil: These plants thrive in a well-draining soil! (PRO TIP: I use an even mix of potting and cactus soil, but it is possible to go up to 60% potting soil)

Fertilizer: These plants like to be fed once a month (during the growing season)!

Propagation: Separating the crowns at the roots is an easy way to divide your plant!

Humidity: These plants LOVE humidity (around 50-60%). Some easy ways to generate humidity include: using a humidifier, misting your plant regularly, putting your plant on top of a tray with pebbles and water!

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