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Collection: Cacti & Succulents

General Care Tips for Cacti & Succulent Plants:

Light: these plants love sunlight! They can handle a few hours of direct sunlight every day, but watch out for leaf burn (which can happen if your plant is too close to the window or the light is completely unfiltered). Pro tip: These plants do best in south or east-facing windows (a good way to tell if your succulent is not getting enough light is if becomes leggy or stretches to the sun)!

Water: these plants like to dry out completely between waterings. Once the soil is completely dry, these plants love to be soaked!

Soil: These plants love fast-draining soil because they hate having water trapped at their roots. Using cactus soil (an even using a terracotta pot to whisk away extra water) will help prevent root-rot (PRO TIP: I use 85% cactus soil and 15% potting soil to keep enough moisture in the plant that I don’t need to water as often, but the roots do not get water-logged).


Humidity: no special requirements!

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